Comment faire un film alimentaire réutilisable ? #zerodechet

Le film étirable en plastique est une hérésie écologique. Vous le remplacerez facilement par une version réutilisable #plasticfree & #zerodechet en utilisant du tissu et de la cire d’abeille. La méthode est simple : il vous suffira de placer des billes ou des morceaux de cire d’abeille rapée sur un tissu, de le passer au four à faible température et de laisser sécher. Ce tissu imperméable sera parfait pour emballer fruits, légumes, snacks et sandwichs ou couvrir vos plats.



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Have you tried using wax wraps (like @beeswaxwraps_uk?) ???? This incredible invention kicks cling film’s butt any day. Essentially wax wraps are pieces of fabric coated with wax, with so much potential. ???? They are super versatile – you can use them for wrapping your sandwiches, buying cheese from the cheese counter, covering bowls of leftover food, you can even get fancy and origami one into a box. ???? ???? To use, wrap your item in it and use the heat from your hands to seal the wrap. To clean, rinse it under cold water with some soap. If your wrap starts getting cracks in the wax, simply pop it in a 100c degree oven for 3 minutes and the wax will re-settle. ???? When your wrap has reached the end of its life it can be composted. If you don’t want to buy beeswax products, vegan wax wraps (such as @rowen.stillwater wraps) are available as well! ???? Who else loves wax wraps? ???? • • • • • • • #beeswaxwraps #waxwrap #plantwax #beelove #zerowastekitchen #zerowastetip #zerowasteinspo #zerowastehome #zerowastelondon #iamzerowastecommunity #wastefreeplanet #lesswastewarriors #ecowarrior #environmentalist #sustainability #lesswaste #reducewaste #nowaste #ecofriendly #planetlovers #evofriendlylifestyle #sustainablelife #plasticfree #lowimpactliving #lowcarbonlife #lowwasteliving #zerowasteuk #sustainableinfluencers #relivinguk

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Seen beeswax wraps and wondering what sizes you need and what you would use them for? Our Small is 20cm x 20cm we use them to wrap avocados, snacks for lunch boxes, half used fruits and veg. Our Medium is 30cm x 30cm brilliant for wrapping sandwiches, covering leftovers or making a pouch for snacks. Our Large is 40cm x 40cm and is amazing for wrapping herbs and greens, keeping them fresh for longer, they keep a small loaf delicious and you can make into a pouch to take to your local loose store to fill up on porridge, rice, pasta… Our Bread wrap is huge at 50cm x50cm, easily fitting a large loaf. You will love how much longer your loaf stays fresh and tasty. We have loads more info on our website or just drop us a message if you have any questions ????‍♀️ Carly & Fran x #beeswaxwraps

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F. Amalric
F. Amalric
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Et aussi “Abeillons” , faits à Toulouse !