Made in/by India : une garde-robe équitable par India Mahdavi X Monoprix

La 2e collection de la designer India Mahdavi pour Monoprix est à découvrir en ligne et sera disponible en magasin dès le 10 juin. Une collection mode et maison marquée par des lignes distordues d’esprit psychédélique.



La garde-robe a été confectionnée en Inde, à Mumbai, par l’association Creative Handicrafts dans une démarche de commerce équitable. Organisée en coopérative, l’association labellisée GOTS et “Guaranteed Fair Trade” par le World Fair Trade Organization, supporte et encourage les femmes à briser le cercle vicieux de la pauvreté en leur apprenant un métier et des savoir-faire, en prenant en charge les soins et l’éducation des enfants en partenariat avec les ONG Tramundi en Espagne et La Joyeuse Vague en Belgique et en développant de nombreux programmes dans les domaines du crédit ou de l’habitat.


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Renuka Varganti: Turning dreams into reality. Meet the first Chartered Accountant (CA) of our Balvikas Alumni Group – Proper guidance at the right time of life, can bring positive change in the life of a student. She writes: “I started my journey with Bal-vikas Kendra when I was 5 years old. As a young girl I was nurtured by my teachers at Bal-vikas Kendra, and I remember specially Ms. Irene and Ms. Meena. I am happy to give all credits to Bal-Vikas Kendra for making me Confident and Optimistic today.” I passed my CA final in the month of January 2020 and got my degree from the ICAI Institute. To say something about my background…. I hail from Sanjay Nagar community, a slum community who live with the minimum, literally minimum, be it water, place to sleep, cloth, toilet facility, etc. While talking about the role Bal-Vikas Kendra played in my life, I am speechless. I feel that even though I belong to the poor family, I never felt that I was less than the students who go to private schools. I went to a public school but the thorough follow up of studies, loving care at the Kendra by Irene and other teachers, regular nutritional food, all added to making me what I am. It made me perform well in school and also taught me good values for a whole life time. I am looking forward to be a good accounts professional as well as to live a life of happiness with my husband and child. The values that Bal-vikas has put into my being will remain with me and guide me all through. At this juncture my heart leaps in memory of One Great Soul, who made this possible, Sr. Teresita Villeneuva. who must be very happy to see me from up above. But for the spark in her mind .. this center would not have been a reality. I remember very well how we were looking forward to the little gifts from Sr. Teresita. “I also thank Creative Handicrafts which shouldered the big responsibility of managing this project.”

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